Distillery Tour & Tasting

Enjoy a tour and guided tasting with the owners in your own living room 

How it all began

Family owned and operated since its founding in early 2016, Flowstone started with friends garnishing their G’nT’s with the stunning Wild Cucumber that was growing in the garden. The combination proved so delicious and surprising that the idea to create a range of gins to celebrate the stunning botanical diversity of the area was born. After experimenting with over 70 different bushveld botanicals and a year of recipe development, Flowstone’s 3 Signature Gins were perfected.

Marula / Maroela Sclerocarya birrea

How is Flowstone Made?

Flowstone is a Craft Distillery in every sense of the word. Our signature botanicals are carefully selected and sustainably hand-harvested. Distillations start very early in the morning and run at carefully controlled temperatures late into the evening. The Gins are rested to gather character, then diluted with pure Cradle water from over 150 meters below the ground.

Virtual Gin Tasting

Join Mark, one of the owners of Flowstone, in a Virtual Gin Tasting. Get your Flowstone gins ready and explore each Gin’s unique character along with him. Pause the video while you sip, savour and compare what you are getting with what he is tasting. It is not unusual for different people to get different tastes or flavours from the same gin. There is no right or wrong – simply delight in what your palate is telling you.

A Note from our Founder

The Flowstone journey has been a remarkable one. I have been helped, immensely, by many truly amazing people along the way. To all of you: A heartfelt thank you – we would not be here without your inputs. And to the wonderful tight-knit Flowstone team that turn pressure into perfection – Cheers & skål, Glyn French.